K. Owens Photography


Ever After: Jess and Gavin

This wedding was such an absolute thrill. I probably start a lot of blogs that way but maybe i’m lucky?

By chance, Jess and Gavin met through their passion for teaching, and the day they met they never looked back. Summer workshops and trainings turned into text messages and drinks, and before long they were a low-key romance, spilling the beans to their closest friends in a cozy downtown bar. Just like them, their wedding day was impulsive, low-key, adorable, and surrounded by those that matter. A quick trip to the courthouse in downtown Tampa yielded self-written vows that made the clerks tear up, and a HOT walk all around downtown and Ybor City, to capture the places that have impacted their love the most.

Being with them for the day, listening to them excitedly tell me about why each place was significant, watching them snapchat their friends, hearing Gavin scream at any stranger that was close enough to hear “THIS IS MY WIFE! I MARRIED MY HOT WIFE TODAY!” was like walking and making the illustrations for a new type of fairytale. One that made me want to come home to my own husband and snuggle up a little harder.

As always, I am grateful to be a part of everyone’s special day, but on this day I really felt like I was walking through a love story and I will always remember that feeling.