K. Owens Photography


Summer and Wyndam

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.

Alivia, Summer and their son Skylar are walking examples of how to feel and express the most beautiful things with their hearts. Wyndam is baby # 2 and he was a long time in the making. Everyone couldn’t wait to have their own special time in front of the camera with Summer and with their adored, growing baby bump. The pride and love and eager anticipation on Alivia’s face as she cradled and kissed on Summer and her belly gave me brief pangs of nostalgia for my own pregnancy. Brief.

A beautiful nursery, themed lovingly to The Little Prince, a little leftover Christmas magic, and an extreme outpouring of love from a family eager to meet their newest addition make up all the parts of this lovely in-home photoshoot.

They’re waiting for you Wyndam.