K. Owens Photography



K. Owens Photography was officially founded in 2007 as Hips&Cars Photography in a crowded, stuffy coffee house at the bottom of hill in Tallahassee, FL. Over the years, subjects have changed, names have changed, styles have evolved, and projects have been started and stopped, but the center of the passion always remained the same: Life and how everyone views it. No matter how compatible, incompatible, impossible life may seem, there is a shred of familiarity and even camaraderie to be found in the discrepancies in our lenses. 

Kenya Owens is a professional photographer that specializes in the human condition. She is also in love with her kitchen, loves to experiment with baking like a mad scientist, has a relationship with makeup that borders on addiction, an avid mixed martial arts fan that once contributed word and photos to the legendary BJ Penn, and is helplessly in love with her 2-year-old son.