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Ever After: Jess and Gavin

Being with them for the day, listening to them excitedly tell me about why each place was significant, watching them snapchat their friends, hearing Gavin scream at any stranger that was close enough to hear “THIS IS MY WIFE! I MARRIED MY HOT WIFE TODAY!” was like walking and making the illustrations for a new type of fairytale. One that made me want to come home to my own husband and snuggle up a little harder.

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Ever After: Josh and Lauryn Garris

And then theres the bride and groom. Josh was the perfect gentleman and oozed an effortless calm that almost made it seem like he had been here before, and was already well at home with their union. Lauryn was a bundle of only slightly nervous love energy. When she read his letter to her, there wasn't a single doubt in the room that either of them had made the right choice. 

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Ever After: Kevin and Kayla Butler

The wedding of Kayla Anderson and Kevin Butler took us to Winter Park and the historic Casa Feliz, a beautiful brick manor located on the edge of a quiet golf course. A well manicured back garden looking onto the green, a stone courtyard in the center with with a lively fountain and a wrapping staircase that brings to you a second floor catwalk and all original fixtures, frames, and tiles set a beautiful vintage, Spanish-inspired scene that would melt any heart.

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Ever After: Ryan and Alicia Steele (Mini)

So this wedding collection is a small one because I was a proud and happy attendant for this wedding. Alicia (as well as her sister, my best friend, Candace) is for all intents and purposes my sister. When she got married to Ryan, I was more than excited to be there as a guest for the big day. But, I am always a photographer in the background, so I still had to get as many shots of her as I could before assuming my civilian role.

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