K. Owens Photography


Kaitlyn and RJG III

Maternity photos are a fairly new realm around here, but with the turn of the new year I have gotten to know two beautiful mothers and see them in their rarest, rawest forms. As the mother of a 2-year-old myself, I understand the fear, the pain, the tears, the anxious excitement and everything else that comes along with watching that little bean grow inside of you. When you take maternity photos, it’s important for you to be your most authentic self, complete with every emotion you’re feeling, and I it’s important for me, as your photographer, to capture all of it, and turn it into an autobiography of the most important time in your life.

When I shot with Kaitlyn, she did just that. We talked about excitement and looming fears and still had time to show her creativity and bright sparking love for her son. Glitter was the perfect option for this soft-spoken, kind, girly girl, dark blue and black and swirling like the universe for the infinity she carries.